Why a Ticket fee?

Full disclosure: This service is primarily to advertise your video to the Ball Tv Network  audience via Facebook Messenger.  In other words, you pay to have your video promoted to our Facebook audience for valuable feedback.  This is the only service being paid for each time. 


However, through this feedback service, your track can be discovered by Ball Tv Network  if it receives favorable feedback from our audience. We listen to our audience!

What Happens After You Pay?

Your video is sent to the phones of the Ball Tv Network  audience on Messenger who rate it as "10's" or "Chops".  

After your video has been rated by at least 30 of Ball Tv Network your final score will be sent to you.  Your final score is a percentage report on how many listeners rated your video as "10's" , or "Chop's".  You'll also be notified if enough listeners rated your video to qualify for the Voguing leaderboard. 

The leaderboard is organized by video with the highest "10's" percentages. Once on the Leaderboard, your video has a chance to win $100 & exposure it has already received. 

 ℹ️Make sure your video has a strong intro! Like most Legendary Voguers , our viewer's can tell if a video is worth Watching in the first 10 seconds. 

Who's The Audience ?​

The audience rating your video are our listeners who decided to showcase their eyes for watching by using our platform on Messenger to rate your tracks!  Invite your friends & family to join our audience/curator base!