ABOMINATION (album) - This album is a reflection of ones/mine's transition from childhood into manhood, realizing that life is not EASY!

Hello, this is a real life music about an artist that goes by the name of izzi starz.

Izzi starz has what it takes to become a successful recording artist one day.

He has all the tools, knowledge, & charisma to make that happen one day; Except one thing, his mental disability! (S#!T, lol)

Izzi Starz is not your typical Queer recording artist. Yeah, so what he mentions it!... But izzi starz has the funniest characters of personalities that plays a balance of masculine & feminine understanding to his life, and that that captivates everyone around him including those who finds him weird and try to stray away, Almost as if everyone falls under a charmed spell in some way.

Just as everyone else has their trials & tribulations with life, Izzi;... Has his & Shares his Emotional Story mentally through poetic music, leaving his musical prints behind to enjoy his therapeutic songs.

Get ready to wear your heart on your sleeve's everyone and feel the journey through what he calls a transition past abomination.

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